Inmaterial Dark v2.1 [Theme] For EMUI

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Theme Information
Name : Inmaterial Dark v2.1
Format : .hwt
Upload : Mediafire
Size : 19 MB
Editor : 

Features and changelog:

v2.1 (05/11/2017):
- Removed emojis that caused conflicts with those of WhatsApp (therefore, now the Theme is much lighter).
- Added some icons of popular apps.
- Added missing icons in Settings (Security and Privacy and Twin App) in EMUI 5.1

- Webly Sleek Italic font (on EMUI 5/5.1 only work in English language).
- New wallpapers.
- New Status Bar
- Navigation Bar exclusively for the Theme.
- New Google Search Bar
- Improved Call app
- Fixed distorted wallpaper when apply theme (EMUI 4/4.1)
- Fixed bugs in Call app (EMUI 4/4.1)
- Fixed bugs in Gallery app (EMUI 4/4.1)
- The native Huawei Music app now plays full screen on the lock screen (and of course, it supports notifications/only EMUI 5/5.1).
- New Files app for EMUI 4.x
- Icon Mask and shortcuts exclusively for the Theme.
- Dark style in some apps (WhatsApp, YouTube, SDMaid, Google+, Greenify, etc.)
- New lock screen for EMUI 4/4.1 (thanks and credits to Gerardo Carbajal).
- Etc. (discover it for yourself)


1. Download the theme according to your version of EMUI.
2. Open the favourite File Browser app, locate the Theme on "Donwload" folder (If you downloaded from Mega, look in the "MEGA/Mega Downloads" folder); then, pass the file it to the "HWThemes" folder of the internal memory.
3. Open the Themes app, select and apply "Inmaterial Dark".
3.a. [Only for EMUI 5/5.1] Reboot system.
4. Enjoy

Jika anda masih tidak paham, saya akan menjelaskan berikut dengan gambarnya. Baca di sini Cara Mengganti tema Huawei Emui


How do I add a theme?

  • Click on the download button below.
  • Find the “HWT” extension (blabla.hwt) you downloaded from the download site.
  • Copy or move the theme file you find in the file manager– Copy or move the folder HWThemes.

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How to download:

  • Click the Link download already provided.
  • You will be directed to safelink, wait until loading is complete.
  • Click visit link
  • Enjoy download and using themes
Inmaterial Dark v2.1 [Theme] For EMUI 5.0 8.0 Huawei Themes hwt
Inmaterial Dark v2.1 [Theme] For EMUI 5.0 8.0 Huawei Themes hwt

Download :

Emui 5From Here
Emui 4
From Here

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